Metplast is an international organization committed to providing its customers with high-quality scrap rubber products & raw materials. Our company’s goal is to recycle waste tyres for use in end-use markets, alleviating the problem of scrap tyre disposal while also creating jobs. So we provide rubber granules, powder, carbon black, synthetic rubber, and other products at competitive prices, after sourcing them from selected international manufacturers & traders.


It was standard practice for businesses to just throw away their rubber waste. So in 2013, we started procuring used rubber from selected international manufacturers & traders and selling the material to buyers across the world. We took what others saw as trash and turned it into a business strategy that is working effectively.

Today, we have our operations in more than 30 countries and we are keeping almost 50 million pounds of rubber waste from ending up in landfills every year.


Business Overview

  • Associated with 100+ tyres recyclers globally
  • Facilitate recycling of over 50 million tyres every year
  • Leading player in rubber powder, granules, and buffing with complete technical knowledge.
  • Largest exporter from UK/Ireland with an average volume of 1000 TEU’s/month
  • Exporting from countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, US & most part of Europe.