Amazing Applications Of Rubber Waste

Incredible Uses Of Rubber Waste

Every year, the world discards more than 279 million tyres in the form of rubber waste. What adds more to this concern is that tires are not the only industry that makes use of rubber. There are plenty of industries that depend on rubber in one form or another.

The disposal of this high volume of rubber is an environmental concern as the waste rubber is not biodegradable and is a large contributor to soil and water pollution worldwide. The need to find an alternative to landfilling waste rubber has been a major point of consideration, and thus, recycling has become the need of the hour.

Recycled rubber waste has numerous applications, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries. It not only helps in eliminating pollution causing factors but also reduces the burden on natural reserves of virgin rubber. 

In this article, we discuss some of the most ingenious applications of rubber waste in various industries. Let’s take a look:

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How Is Waste Rubber Recycled & Reused?

1.Rubber Flooring

Rubber is an elastomer that displays great slip-resistant properties while also possessing unmatched insulating properties.

Flooring rubber poured on rooftops is a premium way to create safe surfaces, which also reduces the sound coming through the ceiling. Additionally, it also reflects the sunlight away from the construction and keeps the space cool.

2. Concrete

Waste rubber is the perfect additive for replacing the aggregates used in concrete. The use of waste/recycled rubber helps in improving the deformative properties of the concrete. The ultimate strains of failure loads are comparatively higher in the case of rubberised concrete than non-rubberised concrete. This is a beneficial property for projects that require a higher level of impact resistance. 

 3. Playgrounds

Rubber mulch, obtained by recycling waste rubber, finds its applications in children’s playgrounds. As compared to plant-based mulch, rubber is more shock resistant, especially when used in thicker layers. This helps in protecting the children from hurting themselves as the rubber on the surface absorbs the shock and keeps them safe from any injuries.

4. Games and Sports

The most brilliant use of recycled rubber in sports is to make synthetic turfs, courts, tracks, and mats for different outdoor games. This helps save the use of virgin rubber in creating necessary sports infrastructure. In fact, treads in athletic shoes are also sometimes made with the use of recycled rubber.

5. Thermoplastic Rubbers

While thermoplastic rubbers are a relatively new innovation in the field of polymers, they are used extensively owing to their multiple uses. It is similar to polystyrene in terms of thermoplasticity but is as tough and resilient as vulcanised rubber at room temperatures. Waste rubber is often blended with thermoplastics to make thermoplastic rubber, which is then used to make industrial adhesives, sealants and binders.

usage of rubber waste

Rubber waste is often seen as black pollution but has the potential of becoming black gold. Not only will that save the environment, but will also save the cost of producing new rubber. 

Bottom Line

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