How Can We Cut A Car Tire Into Three Pieces

How to cut scrap tire into 3 pieces

Recycling used car tires is an essential step to reduce environmental damage. They serve many purposes and help reduce carbon footprint. It is easier to use scarp car tires when they are 3 cut car tires cut in 3 pieces. Recycling is good for ecological balance, great for the people, and more. 

When the used car tires get cut into 3 pieces, one can further reduce them into many environment-friendly products such as granules, powder, shreds, etc. However, the process of cutting and recycling scrap tires is tedious. The recycling industries put in a lot of effort to get them to the recycling plant, clean them, then cut them into 3 cut car tires cut in 3 pieces. 

Let us now find out how to cut a car tire into three pieces. With evolving new technologies, you will find numerous machines to cut them easily into 3 parts. However, we will discuss the entire process in steps so that you can cut them even manually.

Process of Cutting A Car Tire Into Three Pieces

Step 1: Remove the Sidewall

First, puncture the tire beside the sidewall with a retractable box cutter and see that you do not put your knife or blade near the thread of the sidewall, as it has steel belts. You have to puncture the smooth surface of the rubber.

Step 2: Keep the tire Fixed

While removing the sidewall, see that the tire does not move, and you can hold it in one place with your feet or knees. Then slowly separate the sidewall from the tire by cutting through the rubber. To see that your blade does not get stuck into the tire, you can use wooden blocks to place them between the separated tire and sidewall.

Step 3: Complete the Cut and Remove the Sidewall Safely

Run your blade safely around the entire tire and bring it to the point from where you started to complete it. Once you cut the sidewall from the tire, remove it and keep it separately.

Step 4: Place the Tire On the Plain Surface

After separating the sidewall from the tire, you can place the tire on a plain surface where you can cut it comfortably.

Step 5: Use A Power Saw with Metal-Safe Blade to Cut the Tire

It is crucial to use the metal-safe blade because most tires have threaded steel blades for extra support. Therefore, your blade should be efficient enough to cut through the metal. Otherwise, the process will become tedious without using the right tool to cut the tire.

Step 6: Start to Cut the Tire

Before you start to cut the tire with your tool, make sure you protect yourself with glasses and gloves. Once you are ready with the device and your tire is on a plain surface, you can cut the tire. Once you finish cutting the tire in one place, you can start to cut on the opposite side.

Likewise, you can cut the tire at three different places and make it into three pieces. You may find it a little challenging at some points because of the steel blades running through the tire. It is the best procedure to make 3 cut-car tires cut in 3 pieces safely. 

After cutting the tire into three pieces, you can dispose of them at your nearest recycling plant or scrapyard. These cut pieces of tires are helpful in numerous ways to make incredible environmentally-friendly products. However, you should handle them with care as there are sharp steel belts inside the cut pieces of the tire.

Many industries benefit from recycled scrap tires, such as the energy production industry, fashion industry, shoe manufacturing industry, railway industry, and construction industry. Some of the by-products of recycled rubber are rubber mulch, crumb rubber, rubber powder, etc.


The manual process of cutting tires into three pieces is tedious, and one should follow a lot of safety steps. Recycling industries like Metplast have the latest technology machines to carry out the entire process. These machines help cut steel tires, fibre tires, and many other tires.

Metplast is one of the renowned tire recycling industries serving customers with top-notch rubber products and raw materials. We are the suppliers and buyers of recycled rubber products and recycle over 50 million tires every year. At Metplast, you will find rubber granules, powder, shredded rubber, and many more recycled rubber products. And use innovative ways to recycle used tires. 

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