How Metplast Trading Is Converting Black Pollution To Black Treasure

Converting Black Pollution To Black Treasure

With the rapid development of societies across the globe, there is a huge surge in the demands of household cars, and freight transport, leading to an increase in the use of tyres.

A substantial increase in the number of used tires, tubes, and other such products has also led to a significant increase in their disposal at landfills around the world. The waste generated from used tires can create a lot of pollution and is harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Metplast Trading FCZ was established to reduce this pollution and offer value-added services so that the waste generated from scrap tires and other such products can be reduced and converted to “black treasure.”

With a presence in 30+ countries, Metplast is dealing with suppliers and customers to facilitate the recycling of tyres and the supply of value-added products. Let’s have a look at some of the initiatives that have made Metplast a leading player in the industry!

How Metplast Is Helping Create Black Treasure

Rubber Powder

Globally, approximately 1.5 billion tires are produced each year. Metplast is involved in collecting the tyres and tubes from different countries and converting them into rubber powder which can be further used for different commercial purposes.

Rubber Shreds and Granules

Realising the harmless and resource-based disposal of waste tyres is the need of the hour. At the facility of the company, rubber is converted into high-grade rubber shreds and granules, which can be used in playgrounds and even running tracks.

Carbon Black

In the manufacturing plants of Metplast, rubber obtained from waste tyres and tubes is also converted into carbon black. Carbon black is often used as a pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products and has several other industrial uses.

In addition to this, to ensure uniform recycling, circulation, and treatment of waste tyres, the whole process of monitoring and traceability management is carried out. Simultaneously, recycled product standards based on technical requirements are being enhanced in order to encourage the long-term growth of the waste tyre recycling industry.

Being a leading supplier, we have a vast collection of shreds, granules and crumb rubber for sale. Get in touch with our experts for queries and purchasing rubber-based products for commercial use.

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