We specialize in Global Buying and Selling of Recyclable Rubber. Our products include (but not limited to) Baled Tyres, Shredded Tyre, Rubber Powder & Granulates (Crumb Rubber), Butyl Tubes, Buffing Powder, etc.We are committed to deliver consistent and dependable supply of raw materials to our customers throughout the world. Our major customers are in the regions of India, Pakistan, South Korea, Middle East and Latin America. We source the product directly from the collection yards and converters in Europe, USA, UK & Ireland, Australia & New Zealand.

Our aim is to develop long term relationships with both our customers and suppliers by offering a range of quality products at competitive prices.

With an option of multiple distribution / shipping ports along with consistent flow of material, we enjoy a certain competitive edge in the global market.

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Paper Division

METPLAST TRADING FZC markets large volumes of secondary stock lot and surplus paper rolls and sheets such as gray paper, newsprint paper, magazine print, release paper, pre-printed kraft paper, silicon coated kraft paper, adhesive , metalized paper.We procure directly from the mills and converters. As it is surplus stock, mills choose to work with our company where we procure the material from them, store it at our facilities and with our expert logistics team deliver it to the customer where it can be used in the best way possible.

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Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of petroleum products. Carbon Black is a form of amorphous carbon that has an extremely high surface area to volume ratio, and as such it is one of the first nanomaterials to find common use. Carbon black is often used as a pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products.N 220
Fine reinforcing carbon black. Provides high wear and tear resistance, relatively low modulus.
Tire tread, retread compounds. High-quality industrial rubber goods. High-grade conveyor belts.

N 330
Fine reinforcing carbon black. Provides high tensile strength, good wear resistance.
Tire breakers and sidewalls. Giant tires, sleeve carcass, conveyor belts, industrial rubber goods.

N 339
Fine reinforcing carbon black with increased structure. Provides high modulus, improved extrusion, wear resistance andhysteresis. Tire tread, retread compounds, industrial rubber goods, conveyor belts.

N 375
Fine reinforcing carbon black. Provides high tensile strength and wear resistance.
Tire tread, retread compounds. Industrial rubber goods and conveyor belts.

N 550
Medium reinforcing carbon black with medium dispersion. Provides high extrusion ability, comparatively high tear resistance.
Tire body and tube compounds. Profile-extruded products. Industrial rubber goods, seals, hoses.

N 660
Medium reinforcing low-structure carbon black with medium dispersion. Provides higher die swell, high resilience at a relatively high hardness. High loading capacity.
Tire body and tube compounds. Molded products, profile-extruded products. One-plied roofing. Insulation cable rubber.

CONDUCTIVE: Lithium-ion batteries, Pigments, Chemical reagent, Tattoo ink, Additive for plastic and rubber.

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