Recycled Rubber for Sustainable Solutions

Rubber is one of the elements that account for a great demand after fossil fuels, crude oil, and other basic elts. The tree that is native to South America has gained immense utility. The latex from the rubber plant is collected and transformed into items suitable for the commercial market.Since it is an elastic polymer, it is non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment. To cater the environmental needs and to build a sustainable solution, Metplast has come up with rubber tire recycling solutions.

Recycled Rubber is often obtained from various sources of rubber for instance vehicle or bicycle tires. When talking about this, rubber products are prepared with little mechanization from vehicle tires.

In light of this, our recycled rubber products scratches have a trademark that proves its credibility and sustainability. These products help the individuals and businesses searching for extraordinary toughness for both physical and scraped spots. Thus, you shouldn’t go for other rubber rolls.

In the present day scenario, waste management is one special unit that most businesses are working on. It’s important to recycle rubber tires in the enormous industry and save the environment for our future generation. This strategy was grown uniquely to break down undesirable tires or scraps. So, with the assistance of the rubber and scrap tyre recycling method, we can oversee scrap tires and save our current circumstances. In this way, the already used rubber tyres as reused and produce eco-accommodating other options such as rubber mulch.

For natural advantages, the rubber tire recycling system is exceptionally important these days given the gigantic measure of rubber piece or tire scrap. Metplast is chipping away at a similar cycle to bring to the table unrivalled and eco-friendly reused rubber. In the total course of reusing, scrap tires are isolated into powder, steel, and material while in the last stage it is totally and consistently joined which gives unrivalled quality in addition to dependable attributes.

Our rubber supply company has transformed the way things have been functioning with ever-expanding solutions., Contact Us

Where Can You Use the Rubber Scraps?

When talking about the usage of the rubber scarps, we understand the application is the need of the hour to affirm that the solutions are sustainable and eco-friendly. The most dominating fields where you can make the best use of rubber scraps are –

  • Highways

    Nowadays, national and interstate highways are utilising reused rubber as a parkway surface added substance as the usage process is easy. The liquefied rubber prompts the development of the adaptability of the black-top and this prompts the development of streets which can withstand ground development.

  • Rubber Playgrounds

    Nowadays, most of the plastic jungle gym gear and playgrounds utilize recycled rubber and rubber mulch. Rubber lumps, created from reused rubber, are utilized as mulches, which offer delicate surfaces for kids. These reused rubber jungle gyms contain less measure of synthetic compounds than most customary mulch and consequently are alright for kids.

    Reused rubber is additionally utilized in the assembling of jungle gym types of gear. The rubber tire exporter has been building a strong solution that is making things easier and better for the environment.

  • Rubber Fuels

    Power plant and concrete oven administrators utilize reused rubber items as powers. Rubber is utilized as a fuel in most American nations as they need elective powers to enhance high coal requests. However, coal fills and rubber powers discharge poisons and henceforth are unsafe to air quality.

  • Eco-Friendly Fashions

    Many style planners assemble design items like satchels, courier sacks, articles of clothing from reused rubber sources. Reused rubber designs appeal to both harmless to the ecosystem and creature adoring individuals. It is found in clothing or baggage, boards made of reused rubber are utilized rather than plastics or creature skins. Reused rubber takes care of the issue of remembering hurtful rubber waste for landfills.

  • Tire Manufacturing

    Research has shown that one gallon of oil is saved per tire when producers utilize reused rubber in assembling auto tires. Rubber powder created from reused rubber uses up to 10% of the rubber substance of another tire. Recycled tyre products have been making the environment interesting and easy to use.

We have over the years delivered rubber scraps that are sustainable and environmental-friendly. We have been building solutions that are interesting and highly reflective. We have made sure the solutions can be sustainably used in various industries. At Metplast, we are committed to delivering a consistent and dependable supply of raw materials to our customers throughout the world.

Also, numerous producers and providers manage to offer reused rubber which is further utilized in shoes, plastics, paints, floor coverings, tires and so forth. Rubber lumps or rubber powder is delivered through reused rubber, which is utilized in a wide assortment of merchandise.

Our Products Made Of Recycled Rubber

At Metplast, we specialise in the worldwide buying and selling of recyclable rubber. Baled tyres, shredded tyres, tyre rubber powder & granulates, butyl tubes, buffing powder, are some of the products that we develop through rubber recycling and make the best use of it.

We are devoted to providing a constant and trustworthy supply of raw materials to our clients worldwide. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers by providing a diverse selection of high-quality items like EPDM rubber at reasonable rates.

We have a competitive advantage since we have remained the foremost choice of various shipping ports worldwide.

With an option of multiple distribution/shipping ports along with a consistent flow of material, we enjoy a certain competitive edge in the global market. Powder & Granules | Shreds | BCT: Bales Car Tyre | 3 CTT : 3 Cut Truck Tyre | BTT: Bales Truck Tyre | OTR | Butyl Inner Tube | Air Craft Tyre | Agriculture Tyre | Green Tyre | Used Conveyor Belt









And We Have Been Delivering Recycled Products for Years!

Recycling is the new normal of maintainable design. It is ecologically more remunerating than reusing, but it is hard to clarify the distinction between the two in words. Our recycled rubber company has moved into the recycling section of the rubber business and accepts that it will make an enormous profit for the general public. We additionally plan to recycle different other rubber pieces and make valuable items.

Overused tires even after usage are solid and have toughness which changes over time and can be used in other designing applications. We produce altered parts from end-of-life tires that give minimal expense just as solid arrangements.

Picking the right material and instrument used to cut rubber in the ideal measurement is certifiably not common to work. Our skilled team is an asset for planning and making accurate tools that are more sustainable and do not cause much harm to the environment.

Reuse rubber is of great interest these days as it can be utilized in a wide range of industries. Reused rubber is relatively softer compared to unused rubber and is utilized to create a few rubber products. At Metplast, we specialize in the global buying and selling of recyclable rubber tyre products. Also, we are committed to delivering a consistent and dependable supply of raw materials to our customers worldwide.