Airplane tires

Airplane tires are more rigid as they have to undergo extreme pressure and heavy load when they land. That is why they get retreaded or replaced most frequently. If you are thinking, what is the lifespan of aircraft tires? The answer depends on various factors that influence the lifespan of airplane tires. 

However, before replacing aircraft tires, they get retreaded several times. Once they get worn out completely, the used aircraft tires come in handy, manufacturing many things after recycling. This blog will help you know the various uses of airplane tires after their end-of-life.

Aircraft tires withstand a different range of temperatures from minus 60 degrees Celsius at higher altitudes to extremely high temperatures during landings in the hottest regions. They are probably changed every 120 to 400 landings depending on the runway, type of aircraft, and landing type.

Factors that Define the Lifespan of Airplane Tires

Runway: Runways are either made of asphalt concrete or kept natural with grass. They both pose challenges and need to be appropriately maintained. However, grass runways are easier on tires compared to concrete ones. Bad weather also plays a significant role in making tires worn out quickly.

Aircraft Type: Commercial aircraft undergo heavy load and pressure during landings. Therefore, the tires get damaged faster because of the heavy load that commercial airplanes bear.

Type of Landing: Hard landings and crosswind landings also play a significant role in deciding tires’ lifespan. The aircraft lands with greater speed and force during the hard landing than a normal landing. Crosswind landing is when a plane lands when the wind blows on the runway perpendicularly.

What is Retreading of aircraft tires?

Retreading tires is nothing but replacing the worn-out or damaged tread with a new tread. It is safe and allows tires to perform efficiently as new tires. Retreading helps in saving the cost and is environment-friendly too. Depending on the aircraft, one can safely retread airplane tires a couple of times. The old tires get replaced with new ones once they are not in a condition to retread anymore.

Where Do Used Aircraft Tires Go After Their End-Of-Life

Do you know the primary raw material used in manufacturing aircraft tires? Raw natural rubber extracted from the bark of trees is the primary material used to manufacture airplane tires. Another main material used is carbon black which provides the tire’s strength. The tires are made more robust with the use of nitrogen. 

The aircraft tires are highly engineered, well constructed, and more expensive than any other tire globally. They are one of the most valuable resources even after their life cycle. Hence they do not deserve to be dumped into landfills but recycled. By recycling the used aircraft tires, one can create several eco-friendly and valuable products. Let us find out what those products are.

Farm Equipment 

Airplane tires can be an excellent option for farm equipment as they are heavy-built. They are incredible for farm tractors, wagons, and backhoe tires. The aircraft tires do not dry like the synthetic rubber tires that are conventional farm tires. Aircraft tires also withstand various conditions. 

On Playgrounds and Sports Field  

One of the by-products of recycled aircraft tires is rubber mulch. It is the most popular cover option for landscaping. Besides providing beauty to your space, it has many incredible benefits. You can use it for gardens, athletic tracks, cycling tracks, playgrounds, and more. 

It provides cushioning effect when children fall on the playground. It is also durable and excellent for athlete training purposes. You can reduce weed growth and insects from your garden with rubber mulch. Weather conditions do not affect it much. Above all, it is environment-friendly, cost-effective, and requires low maintenance. It also comes in various colors: cedar red, espresso black, mocha brown, and blue.

Oil From Recycled Used Tires 

The bio-oil from recycled used aircraft tires is helpful in many industries.  Cement kilns, brick factories, glass factories, ceramic factories, steel factories, etc., use this oil. Carbon black obtained from old used tires is helpful in many rubber products. It is also beneficial in making belts, different types of pads, wiper blades, conveyor wheels, and more.


We at Metplast are pioneers in recycling the magnificent used aircraft tires and converting them into various eco-friendly by-products. You, too, can contribute to this noble mission of a greener future by making the most of these products. Next time you revamp your garden, playground or take up a new project, you know who to approach. We are more than happy to help you with top-notch products at competitive prices.