rubber mulch

Why Choose Metplast Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch

Why Choose Metplast Rubber Mulch

Metplast Rubber mulch is a perfect alternative to traditional wood mulch for playgrounds and other floorings. The best thing about rubber mulch is that they are durable, cost-effective, and most importantly environment-friendly.

At Metplast, we offer good quality rubber mulch which is the perfect solution to a playground and other flooring projects. Well, there is much more about our Rubber Mulch that will make it the best choice among others. So, keep reading this blog to find them out and give yourself a reason to buy Metplast rubber mulch.


Exclusive Features Of Our Rubber Mulch

Metplast Rubber Mulch comes in a variety of features which makes it the best rubber mulch in the market.

  • Our rubber mulch is more durable.
  • It’s stain-proof i.e. the colour will not rub off on your clothes.
  • Our rubber mulch is natural-looking.
  • We offer Cost-effective and environment-friendly products.
  • Our rubber mulch requires low-cost maintenance and stands strong for years to come.
  • It provides world-class products. Thus, cost-effective.
  • Supply chain is vast. So, it’s valuable.


Why Go for Our Rubber Mulch?

Metplast rubber mulch offers environmentally sustainable solutions to gardening and flooring concerns which makes it one of the best reasons to choose our rubber mulch.

Below are some of the features that signify why Metplast is the right place to get quality rubber mulch for your next flooring and landscaping projects. Both crumb rubber and rubber mulch are topdressing materials for equestrian, commercial, sports, etc.

1. Durability

We offer the most durable rubber mulch in the market that lasts for around 5 years. With that much durability, you not only save the cost but also the labor of re-applying every year.

2. Cost-Effective

Our product is a cost-effective solution to the playground and other floorings. We offer the rubber mulch at a cheaper rate when compared to other brands. Along with the cheaper rate, our rubber mulch stays the same for years that means, you need not spend every year on playground flooring and more.

3. Lower Maintenance

If you buy the rubber mulch from Metplast, you are saving the maintenance cost as well. We offer rubber mulch that does not require much maintenance. Our rubber mulch is heavy and will not wash down the sidewalk even after a heavy rainstorm. So, you can cut down the maintenance costs that you will be paying while choosing any other product.

4. Environment Friendly

Unlike wood mulch which is a part of harvesting trees, our rubber mulch does not harm or use any kind of environmental stuff. Instead, our rubber mulch is produced entirely by recycling a toxic waste product. So, our rubber mulch not only provides safety but is also sustainable and environmental-friendly.

5. Keep Insects Away

Metplast rubber mulch keeps the insects and pests away, protecting the floor as well as the area around it from insect damage. Our rubber mulch also reduces the need to spray chemical insecticides around your area. So, you and your children can have fun without worrying about insects.

6. Promotes Plant Growth

The best part about the Metplast Rubber Mulch is that it does not mix with water that allows water to pass through it to the soil. All the water and nutrients that pass through the mulch fall on the soil that makes a way for plants and flower growth.

So, these were some of the major features that makes Metplast rubber mulch the best choice for playgrounds, driveways, and more. We focus on offering the best quality mulch in the market, so you can rely on our rubber mulch for your playground and other flooring projects. No matter, whether you are searching for crumb rubber for sale, rubber mulch, or any other rubber product, we are a one-stop destination to get them all. Feel free to get in touch with one of our professionals today.