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How Metplast Trading Is Converting Black Pollution To Black Treasure


With the rapid development of societies across the globe, there is a huge surge in the demands of household cars. Moreover, the freight transport is leading to an increase in the use of tyres and other materials. But it also offers the chance to procure  the black treasure.

A substantial increase in the number of used tires, tubes, etc. has  led to a significant increase in their disposal at landfills globally. The waste generated from used tires can create a lot of pollution and is harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

The establishment of Metplast FCZ happened to reduce this pollution and offer value-added services. Thus, the waste generated from scrap tires and other such products can be reduced and converted to “black treasure.”

With a presence in 30+ countries, Metplast is dealing with suppliers and customers to facilitate the recycling of tyres and the supply of value-added products. Let’s have a look at some of the initiatives that have made Metplast a leading player in the industry!

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Rubber Powder for black treasure

Globally, approximately 1.5 billion tyres’ production happen every year. Involvement of Metplast is there in collecting the tyres and tubes from different countries and converting them into rubber powder for using them in different commercial purposes.

Rubber Shreds and Granules in black treasure

Realising the harmless and resource-based disposal of waste tyres is the need of the hour. At the facility of the company, conversion of rubber takes place into high-grade granules and shreds. One can use them in playgrounds and even running tracks.

In the manufacturing plants of Metplast, the conversion of rubber obtained from waste tubes and tyres into carbon black takes place here. The usage of carbon black is brought into pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products. It has several other industrial uses.

Additionally, to ensure uniform recycling, circulation, and treatment of waste tyres, monitoring and traceability management accomplishment takes place.

Enhancement of recycled product standards based on technical requirements is taking place and encouraging the long-term growth. Thus, helping the waste tyre recycling industry.

Bottom Line

Being a leading supplier, we have a vast collection of shreds, granules and crumb rubber for sale. Get in touch with our experts for queries and purchasing rubber-based products for commercial use.

Unconventional Use Of Rubber Granules And Shreds

Unconventional Use Of Rubber Granules And Shreds

The rubber pollution around the globe caused by discarded tires and other rubber products abandoned in the trash is a matter of concern for everyone. Because of its non-biodegradable nature, rubber waste needs a more effective solution than dumping them or using landfills.

One of the most feasible ways to reduce the burden of rubber waste is to recycle it. Not only will it reduce pollution, but will also reduce the overall burden on our natural resources.

The best part about recycling rubber is that the granules and shreds obtained in the process get used for more than just making more rubber. Several industries use them for a plethora of applications. In this article, we discuss some of the most unconventional uses of rubber granules and shreds obtained from recycled tires.

Uses of Rubber Granules and Shreds

rubber granules and shreds

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry is highly dependent on rubbers and polymers for a variety of applications including tires, wipers, and a variety of other plastic parts.

However, you may not know that many industries recycle rubber to make bumpers, fenders, splash guards, floor mats, and floor liners in a variety of automotive applications.

Adhesives and Sealants for rubber granules

Adhesives and sealants are part of our daily lives, whether we realise it or not. Be it industrial applications or the textured paint that you have in your home, you can utilise rubber granules and shreds almost everywhere now to create adhesives and sealants. In fact, recycled rubber also makes up a good part of weatherproofing and roof coating used in buildings.

Safety Products

The general association of rubber is with safety and shock absorption because of its properties. This is why rubber shreds and granules are often used in many safety applications as well. Shock-absorbing pads for rails and machinery, sound barriers for highways, and
abrasion lining in mining equipment all use recycled rubber.

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Several industries use granules and rubber shreds to create other materials. They increase deformation resistance and sound dampening properties. It is used as an additive in concrete, asphalt, and playground surfaces and sports equipment.


Additionally, rubber shreds and granules are useful to make several small yet significant applications. This includes insulation in pipes and wires, garbage cans, soles and heels in shoes, soil conditioners, irrigation pipes, repairing roads and buildings, floor tiles, playground floors, and animal mats.

Recycling rubber is the way to give it a new purpose because that is good for our planet as well. Industries can use rubber shreds and granules to reduce the waste generated from rubber.

Metplast Trading is one of the largest scrap tyres buyers in the world. We obtain these End of Life (ELT) tyres to produce usable rubber mulch and help save the planet, one landfill at a time. Get in touch with us for more information.