uses of recycle tyers

Innumerable and Amazing Uses for Recycled Tyres


End-of-life (ELT) tyres are one of the most valuable resources. The landfill is no more a place to dump worn-out or waste tires. Nowadays, recycling industries are creating many new materials by recycling used tires. And also, recycling waste tires is a great measure to prevent many diseases. 

You will be amazed to find how rubber tyre recycling is proving to be of immense value. Recycled tire materials are replacing many primary materials these days. One can find these materials in hospitals, agriculture, sports tracks, roads, and more. Recycling abandoned tires effectively solve many problems like protecting the ecological balance and creating environment-friendly products. 

Let us find out the incredible uses of recycled tire material:

Crumb Rubber

Rubber powder and granulates are also known as crumb rubber. It is the by-product of rubber tyre recycling. It forms into granulates and powder after segregating steel and cords from waste tires. Crumb rubber is helpful in several applications, such as: 

  • Crumb rubber helps roads last longer and be safe without cracks or potholes. Rubberised asphalt on the roadways makes the surface great for driving vehicles and lessens the noise.


  • It also acts as a vibration absorption system for railways. The use of crumb rubber reduces the vibrations and noise, especially near the residential buildings by the transit of trains. 


  • Crumb is used as a filling for artificial turf football fields to provide extra safety to the players.


  • Using crumb rubber on athletics and cycling tracks is a common practice these days. It provides comfort and ease for the athletes and a smoother ride for cyclists.


  • The safety of speed brakes increases by using a rubber crumb for manufacturing them.


  • Crumb rubber is an excellent choice when it comes to making floor slabs. They provide superresistant, non-slippery, and stylish floors. When mixed with resins and dyes, can mould crumb rubber into different sizes and shapes.


  • Mulch is one of the best options to decorate gardens, open spaces, and playgrounds. It reduces the growth of unwanted weeds and acts as a cushioning when children fall.

Shredded or Chipped Tires as Landfill Medium

Shredded or chipped tires can act as a liner or cover for landfills. They are used as thermal insulators to reduce the temperature between the landfill liners. They can be helpful as a landscaping medium for landfills. Shredded tire chips are a great alternative to gravel as they have similar properties. And they are most cost-effective than gravel. The rubber chips are also beneficial in flood-prone landfill areas and drainage facilities. They allow the water to seep into the ground without any contamination naturally. 

To Construct Eco-Friendly Buildings

The rubber tire recycling materials have immense potential for construction purposes. Rubber is also considered an ideal material for constructing purposes as it is sustainable and durable. It also acts as a shock absorber during earthquakes. 

By rubber tyre recycling, the more superior material obtained is buffing powder. It is a high-content natural rubber fibre available in both black and a mix of black and white. Buffing fibre is extremely useful in manufacturing various building materials. It is best to use buffing powder in manufacturing sheets or rolls for insulation in houses, offices, etc. It is also noise-proof and saves energy by keeping the house cool in summers and warm in winters.

Use of Recycled Tire Material In Fashion Industry

Yes, the fashion industry also makes the most of recycled rubber materials for uniqueness, durability, and versatility. They use rubber to make creative and stylish handbags, purses, belts, wallets, hats, fashion accessories, and more. The shoe manufacturing industry is also taking advantage of recycled rubber. Shoe soles made out of recycled rubber are durable. Now even apparel is being made using recycled tire materials.

Uses of Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF)

Concrete kilns, power plants, cement, and paper kilns use tire-derived fuel as supplementary fuel. TDF is cost-effective and energy-efficient. It produces less moisture, nitrogen, ash residue, and lower carbon emission in the environment. The use of tire-derived fuel also reduces the use of fossil fuel.  

Use of Recycled Tire Materials in Hospitals

Recycled tyre materials are beneficial in making hospital floors and surgical gloves. They provide comfort and a quiet atmosphere for both physicians and patients.


After knowing all the uses of recycled tire materials mentioned above, you will not tolerate abandoned tires lying in your backyard or landfills. Rubber tyre recycling protects the environment and also conserves natural resources. Metplast is a renowned market leader in the recycling of waste tires. You can rely on us for high-quality products such as crumb rubber, shredded tyre, buffing powder, etc. Next time you look for these materials, you know whom to approach. To learn more about our products and services you can contact us.