What are the Different Ways to Use 3 Piece Cut Scrap Tyres

Different Ways to Use 3 Piece Cut Scrap Tyres

Recycling used and waste tires solve many issues. Used, worn-out, and waste tyres create innumerable problems that harm humanity. Many scrap tyres buyers procure or collect used tires to recycle them to cope with the issues.

Recycling tires means one can no longer use the tires, even by retreading. However, because of the bulky and heavy nature of the tires, they are made into three pieces before use. The tyres are then cut into different parts – tread, bead, and sidewalls. They are further processed to obtain many materials.

The chemical process involves cutting tires into sections or pieces and then turned into crumbs. The end-of-life tyres get converted into shreds, rubber granules, and powder. Although the scrap tyres buyers face many challenges during the entire process, they cannot ignore the fact that products made from recycled tyres are beneficial.

Recycling waste tires is an economically sound activity and plays a vital role in protecting the environment. We are renowned buyers and sellers of rubber globally. We deal in various products such as shredded tyres, granules, rubber powder (crumb rubber), buffing powder, and more.

At Metplast, we play a massive role in making our planet a better place. We are reducing our carbon footprint by 200,000 MT annually by recycling tires. We convert waste tires into valuable eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient products with the perfect innovation and technology.

Let us now find out the different ways how to use three-piece cut scrap tyres.

Recycling the waste tires starts with procuring or collecting scrap tyres. They are then cut into sections to use them efficiently. The following process is shredding the rubber. It converts it into pieces making further processing easier. During shredding, the segregation process of steel from rubber takes place.

The By-Products of Tyre Recycling

The scrap tire buyers take the tires from the landfill to the recycling locations.
After cutting the tires into parts, the separation process of steel from rubber takes place. The shredded rubber pieces undergo chemical treatment. And the nitrogen and cryogenic treatments turn the shredded rubber pieces into powder. The Devulcanization process will convert it into mulch or crumb rubber.

Pyrolysis or devolatilization is a process in which the thermal decomposition of organic materials occurs at high temperatures. It changes the chemical composition. When it undergoes the pyrolysis process, rubber softens and melts into smaller molecules. It gets reprocessed into fuel gas, oils, solid residue, and carbon black.

Crumb rubber (Rubber powder, granules, and buffing), baled tyres, shredded tyres, and butyl tubes are various by-products of recycling waste tyres. These products created from used tires are useful in multiple industries.

In civil engineering, a block of concrete with rubber serves many purposes. They are useful for erosion, flood control, and many other purposes. These blocks are fire-resistant and last for years.

One can also use them for making home decks. They are eco-friendly, can withstand extreme temperatures, are weather-resistant, and do not get affected by insects.

You can also use recycled tire materials for railroad manufacturing. They are durable, more robust, and cost-effective. They also have excellent vibration absorption quality that reduces the noise by the transit of the trains.

Rubber floors are becoming immensely popular because of their wide variety, designs, and colours. And above all, they keep the environment free from air pollution and chemical.

The rubberised asphalt made from recycled tyres is extremely useful in building roads and highways. It saves money, prevents frequent damages like potholes, and requires less maintenance. And the best part is it also absorbs noise and prevents noise pollution.

Rubber also absorbs shock and acts as a perfect material for making mats, athletics running tracks, cycling tracks, playgrounds, and more. They are long-lasting, have little maintenance, and act as cushioning.

The other products of recycled tires are balded and shredded tyres, three cut truck tyres, and OTR aircraft tyres.

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Recycling used tires is a huge step towards protecting the planet. And we at Metplast are contributing by recycling 400000 MT of waste tyres annually. Recycling is the only solution to preserve mother nature. It has been almost a decade since we started our journey towards a better future. You can join us in making the planet pollution-free by procuring the top-notch products of recycled tires. Let us join hands for a safer, secure, and sustainable future.

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