What can we do with used aircraft tyres?

Used aircraft tyres can be turned into several items

The tyres of an aircraft are made strong to hold out against the ample amount of loads for a lesser duration. However, tyres wear out sometimes at higher altitudes or on rough landing surfaces. The airlines usually change front tyres on an average of 200+ landings, whereas the main landing gear tyres are changed on 380+ landings. 

The airlines do not replace the tyres of an aircraft on any normal operations. However, the tyres are immediately changed if uneven wear, any damage, etc., are found. 

The used aircraft tyres are probably making giant landfills and creating land pollution. However, the old tyres simply taking up the room can be used again in several ways. Mentioned below are some uses of the old aircraft tyres.

How to reuse the old aircraft tyres?

Using old tyres and their products can save a lot of money, and at the same time, you will have a unique, functional, and long-lasting item. 

Using donkey and camel carts

In Rajasthan, many farmers are using old aircraft tyres. In some districts of Rajasthan like Bikaner, Churu, and Nagaur, farmers use aircraft tyres in their carts. These tyres are an integral part of their livelihood now. The farmers are using these tyres in the donkey carts and camel carts. These are very useful as they can be used to travel in the desert area.

Converting aircraft tyres into biofuels

Few organizations globally are trying to convert an aircraft’s tyre into biofuels. It can be an ultimate solution through which land pollution will get reduced. The aircraft tyres can be recycled and used in future flights to provide power. The process will boost the economy and be a practical solution to a serious worldwide problem. 

Making walkways

Through the old aircraft tyres, different types of walkways can be created. It can be used as surface pathways or at playgrounds. It provides an excellent finish to walk upon it. The tyres can even be used as mulch in the field. 

You can also remove the tyre tread from the old tyres and create some long strips inserted in the walkways. It can be used at places where it might be slippery and sleek because it provides extra traction as natural rubber has an excellent grip on the feet.

Planters in garden 

One of the best ways to use an old aircraft tyre is in your garden. There are incredible ways to arrange tyres as a planter in the garden. The shape of the tyres is extensive and provides a lot of space for the plants to grow. With the help of simple hardware, it can be hung, stacked, cut, or attached to any surface. It doesn’t require any particular concern. 

Making tyre tables

With the help of used aircraft tyres, you can make a multipurpose table. The table can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes, depending on how you want to make it. For example, you can place drinks books, use them as a coffee table, and more. By adding some screws, flat board, a drill, ropes, legs, etc., you can make a perfect table to be used in several ways. You can even add your favourite image on the table’s surface to make it look more enhancing.

Lightning with tyres

The aircraft tyres can be used indoors or outdoors for lighting purposes. These tyres are unique and durable and can provide an excellent lighting touch in your area. You can create several creative lightning choices using either solar or electrical sources. You can hang the tyres in various sizes, such as whole, half, or quarter. Through the light tyres, you can create your own unique space. 

Creating structural support

The tyres can not be decomposed and can’t biodegrade quickly. But they can be easily made as foundational structural support. So if you need a strong foundation or long-lasting framework, you can choose aircraft tyres.

You can use the old stacked tyres as garden walls, retaining walls, or structural walls. It is advantageous in areas where it can cover and protect from the elements to have a long-lasting. It can also be used as playground barriers or to create a fence on any ground. You can utilize the uppermost row as a planter and build a living structure by designing it properly.

The bottom line

The old aircraft tyres are usually thrown away, kept in the yard collecting dust or filled the room. Instead, the used aircraft tyres can be recycled, or numerous pieces of stuff can be made using them. It can be available at the garages. You can create variations with your ideas. You can be creative with your thoughts and make unique products with them.

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