Where and how to use tyre shreds?

Using tyre shreds is excellent for an environment cause

The old tyres occupy many spaces in your garage, factory, or ground. Instead of keeping them unused, you can shred the tyres and reuse them in several places such as in playgrounds, road sub-base, and more. The practice of shredding has shown a massive improvement on the unused and rejected tyres worldwide. The shredding has shown a pollution reduction and helps clean the environment.

What is tyre shredding?

The process in which the tyres that are no longer in use because of the breakdown or quality issues are shredded is known as tyre shredding. In the process, tyres are cut down into small pieces using the tyre shredder. The tyre shredding business holds much potential in the market. This contributes to producing applications generated by shredded tyres, raising the economy, and decreasing pollution.

What are tyre shredders?

A tyre shredder is a massive machine designed to shred an old tyre. A shredder offers business opportunities as tyre rubber can be used in a wide range of products, right from playground surfaces lightweight construction fill to road surfacing and landscape mulch.

The rubber of a tyre can be used in a wide range of places or to make several products. Thus it also provides business opportunities to the people. A colossal machine specially designed for shredding old or unused tyres is known as a tyre shredder.

Uses of tyre shreds

The old tyre shreds are utilised in various products and applications. Some of them are mentioned below.

Tyre derived fuel (TDF)

One of the effective uses of the old tyre is the tyre derived fuel(TDF). All scrap tyres are converted into rubber chips(basically 1-3 inches) and are used as a fuel source. An additive like coal is added to the TDF because it can’t be burned on its own. The burning of coal with rubber as a fuel resource helps decrease pollution. The factories and mills can reduce their carbon footprint and can go green.

Used in Constructional work

The tyres can be used in making an entire home. They are used in several engineering applications, for example, making subgrade fills, blasting mats, and barriers. It can be used to make buildings by packing them tightly together, filling them with earth, and covering them with concrete. It can also be utilised to construct bridge abutments and wall backfilling.

A few more examples of tyres used in construction works are rainwater runoff, barriers for quick collision decrements, sound barriers between residential areas and roadways, protectors of piers and marshes, etc.

Production of apparel products

One of the ways to recycle tyre rubber is by stamping and cutting them. In this process, larger pieces of rubber chips are produced. Those larger pieces of rubber can be used in making of road sub-base. They are also used in footwear production as it is used to make the base of shoes or sandals. In addition, the rubber has the properties of absorption of sound. Hence, it helps reduce the noise pollution caused by the traffic on the road.

Helps in the drainage system

The drainage system is also helped a lot by the shredder tyre chips. They allow the water to drain on its own without letting the wastes and litter stain it on the landfills. Thus rubber tyres are beneficial in flood-prone places. However, it has to be shredded into 4 to 6 inches pieces for effective results.

Making playground surfaces

The shredded tyre chips are used in making the playground’s surfaces. They are tough enough to handle any wear and tear and weather conditions. It is even safe for the children to play upon an area made with rubber mulch because the surface is padded. It reduces the chance of children getting injured.

An ultimate alternative to gravels

The tyre shreds and gravels hold similar properties. They are even cheaper than gravel and let the water pass through them. Thus, they are an eco-friendly alternative to gravel. The old tyre will ultimately be shredded, so using it in the place of gravel will be better. 

The bottom line

The old used tyres have many advantages but are dangerous too. They require a lot of areas and are highly energy-efficient and nonbiodegradable. These tyres even release toxic gases, which can harm human beings and cause environmental destruction. 

The recycled tyre shreds with high-quality are very useful as we can produce several things out of it. It prevents health issues and environmental pollution. Thus, recycling is the best choice to have.

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